Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The first nine

My first blog, my first blog entry...
Now, what's the hook? Am I painting a picture, trying out a recipe, writing a haiku, driving a golf ball, composing a song, sharing a secret, revealing a private desire--every day--and writing about it here?
Maybe. But more important, I am testing anonymity in this e-world, in this blogosphere. I am not revealing my blog to anyone--not to family, not to friends. No invitations to "visit" or "comment." I am simply starting it, writing in it daily, and seeing if anyone finds it. I'm not trying to hide it , but I I'm not trying to flaunt it. Are there really readers out there who long to communicate with strangers who post their thoughts for the world to see? Or are blogs just another one of those things that one begins, hoping to stretch out of one's comfortable circle, only to pull in everyone whom you already know. "Have you read my blog? I talk about it on my blog! Here's an email with the address for my blog!"
Let's just see if I build a blog in the forest, anyone is around to hear it.

I will blog for nine minutes. Why nine? What is the secret energy behind the number?
Twelve minutes was already taken by another blogger. So was ten and and eleven. A cosmic admonition to me--do not spend more than nine minutes on this particular experiment.

And although I wanted to share a really good independence day story, I am almost at my nine minute I will wait until I start the clock again tomorrow...and I will learn to time my typing because when the alarm rings, I will quit...discipline...


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yanee said...

its been yr.but i still find it interesting=)